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A nightmare..

Just woke from a terrible nightmare..I don’t usually have them but this was very vivid.. You see I used to live in Red Bluff, my family lived on 8 acres out, basically in the middle of nowhere. It was great living there but we had this shed.. In itself it wasn’t a terrible shed, it was about 20 yards from my house, my brothers and I had a pretty cool setup of videogames out there and would sometimes spend hours and hours just playing games, but then we’d have to go back into the house sometimes very late in the night. Idk if you’ve ever been in the middle of nowhere at night but as a child I had a very over active imagination and the darkness out there sparked fear into that imagination sometimes more than I could appreciate. So when I would have to go back inside at 1am by myself from playing videogames, I would bolt the 20 yards from shed to house, afraid of what might get me if I stood still to long. Sometimes I still dream about that shed, I dream that a horrible beast lives in there, a hateful demon created by the fear I had as a child before I came to the saving grace of God. I was not afraid anymore after that and I grew up, yet in my dreams that beast still dwells in that crusty old shed left undisturbed, shrouded in darkness but tonight in my nightmare a friend of mine I care deeply about, went in there to awaken this terrible creature. She was depressed and no longer cared for her life, so she went into the shed to die, I couldn’t stop her. I immediately felt a sharp pain in my chest like nothing before. Upon entering this shed, my friend had rekindled my childhood fears, those same fears which created the beast now gave it motivation and drove it to come out of that shed and infect my family..that was the most terrifying aspect of the nightmare, that my family was going to be subjected to this vile creature’s evil intentions. I began to pray in my dream like never before, that God would protect my family and take my fear away that was giving the beast power. My family was getting ready to head out to do there daily activity’s and I told them of my fear and the beast but they wouldn’t believe me and I could feel the creature’s presence closing in on all of us threatening to suffocate us in darkness and terror. So I prayed harder, and right as everyone was about to leave, when I thought it was too late for us..I awoke from the nightmare. The fear was fresh in my mind but slowly faded away as I realized I was back safe in my bed, I had to share..sorry for the novel

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